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Who we are

The Georgia Cruisers Club is primarily oriented toward Toyota 4WD vehicles including FJ-XX Series Cruisers and Toyota 4WD trucks.  Our member’s rigs consist of anything from street legal daily drivers to fully dedicated trail rigs.  In addition to Toyota we also have a few members with other types of rigs including Land Rovers and Jeeps but we try not to hold this against them.



Club meetings are held monthly and are open to all visitors.  Meetings usually consist of attending to club business, discussing upcoming 4WD events, sharing of technical know-how, looking for spare parts and anything else that may come up.  Many member drive their rigs to the meetings just to show off so after the meeting we wonder out to the parking lot to see what's new.

Trail Runs

The Georgia Cruisers schedule regular trail runs on average about once a month including 1 overnight trip per quarter. 
We try to plan far in advance so attendees can plan in advance.  For the most part we stay within a reasonable distance as some rigs simply don't travel well on the road.

Check out the Events page for upcoming Trial Rides.  

ALL newcomers are welcome to join us for trail rides including stock vehicles, however, we do encourage at least oversized tires and in some cases locking differentials. 

Other Fun Events

Occasionally we even have a “help a member” day where a fellow member needs help fixing or assembling a rig.  These usually consists of about half a dozen members that tag-team on a rig while the wives and girlfriends laugh at us.


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