Georgia Cruisers
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Our members are from every walk of life including business owners and house-wives; YES we do have women in the group.  While most of our members are in the metro-Atlanta area we also have members from surrounding cities and states.  Our biggest asset and strength is our membership, we encourage everyone to actively participate in the club activities including social and/or trail runs.


Pay Dues Online

($20 member Dues, $1 transactions fee)


Membership Requirements

1) Own a Toyota 4WD vehicle

2) $20 Annual Dues ($21 via Paypal)

3) $5.00 Application Fee (First Time Member)

4) You must be sponsored by a Member in good standing.*

5) Attend 2 meeting or 2 trail rides or participate in a committee

6) Must be a member of TLCA

7) Upon completing above, you are eligible to be voted in and must then pay the annual dues.

*If you do not know a member that's OK, come to an event or meeting and introduce yourself. There will be pleanty of support for visitors to become members.

Vehicle Requirements

1) Functional Seat belt for all participants

2) First Aid Kit

3) Fire Extinguisher

4) Functional Brake system

5) Functional Emergency Brake or Equivalent

6) Spare Tire of Equal diameter to all vehicle tires

7) Driver MUST have current Driver License

8) Open Vehicles MUST have a Role bar firmly attached & capable of supporting the vehicle

9) Vehicle Jack & Lug wrench

10) Auto Liability Insurance coverage

Recommended Items (Basic Recovery Gear)

1) Tow Straps (NO Hooks)

2) Hi-Lift Jack

3) Functional CB

4) Winch

5) Flashlight

6) Tools

7) Spare Parts

8) Tow Points front and Rear

9) Tree Saver Strap

Contact us for additional Information


Current Members

Frank Baines

Jason Keever
Eric Bartel
Ted Kinsey*
Sidney Benton
David & Olga Larson*
Miranda Bishop
Dowlen / Thomas Lloyd
Trevor Brown
Tony Lucus
Bill Byrd
Brian / Travis McCormack
Steve / Thomas Clevenger
Chris & Haley McCrary
Sylvain Collerette
Phillip McGinnis
Edith & Jim Collins
William McInnis
Tom Craig
Richard / Warren Michell
Carl Crowley
Gary Millican
Steven Curlee
Ronald Moore, Sr.
Jim / Michael Dahlquist
John Morris
Phil Davis
Mike Palumbo
Michael Eagan
Bailey Quintrell
Chris England
John / Josh Schmitt*
Oscar Florez
Scot Smith
Jon Fretwell
Todd Smith
Richard / Andrew Gallagher
Heather Spivey
Ben Garcia*
Chuck Stewart
Mike Glenn
Gordon Stiltner
Stewart Hamilton
Henry Stoyer
Nick Hannah*
Keil Thompson
Robert Harvey
Jason Treadway*
Steenh Henninger
Tom Victor
Mike Hinderleider
Nelson Wilkinson
Scot Hollub
Patrick & Hilery Wilson
Andrew Howe
Tracy York
John Humphrey
Tate Young
Mike Johnson
Rick Jones
Alex Kale

*Current BOD Member

Georgia Cruisers 4WD Club 2009

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Liability Waiver

Anyone participating in a Ga. Cruisers Trail Ride MUST have signed one of these in 2009


Emergency Contacts

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