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How important is the Tellico battle? 

Most folks would agree that Tellico has become the "front line" in the battle over our access to both public and private land in this country.  We feel it's our responsibility to fight for our rights and do what is difficult rather than stand idly by expecting others to fight our battle for us. 

With those thoughts in mind the Georgia Cruisers were to either "Put-up" or "Shut-up" so this is our response.

Robert Brill  --  The Winner

Thanks for your support and please continue to fight for Tellico

OME Heavy springs, Newly Refurbished Auto Transmission, Qty 5 33x12.5 BFG AT Tires, SROR Rock Sliders, Smittybuilt 8000lb Winch, 125' Synthetic winch line, New Paint, Kennesaw Mtn. Accessories Off Road front bumper, New belts, New hoses, New Shocks and more. 


What are we doing

The Georgia Cruiser are raffling off this 1989 FJ62 Toyota Land Cruiser.  All proceeds will be donated to the Rescue Tellico Fund in December at our Toys-for-Tots event.  We need your support in the form of ticket sales and contributions to accomplish the larger goal, to SAVE TELLICO

We are also accepting Sponsors, donations and contributions.  Please contact us in you are interested in taking part in this project.




Tickets are $10 each and are available for purchase both online and at various events in the southeast. Currently these events include: GSMTR, Coal Mine Classic, OTMT09, Beasley Bash, Ga Cruisers Annual Picnic, Toys for Tots. More events will be added in the coming weeks.

The drawing will be held at the Toys-for-Tots Event in early December. The TOTS event is held every year at the Varsity Restaurant in downtown Atlanta and this year we have at least 4 other 4WD clubs joining us. The winner will be contacted immediately and posted on this forum and the website.

Latest Pictures

October 09--Fresh from the body shop and sporting 33's

Paint still drying

August 09--Bone stock, just all cleaned up


About the Land cruiser  (Honoring a Father)

For nearly 20 years this Land Cruisers served 2 generations in a single family safely transporting kids to baseball games and hauling groceries.  When the father and original owner of the truck died a few years back the truck was inherited by his son where it continued to serve as a daily commuter all the while his father's memory rode in the passenger's seat.  Finally, in early 2008 the son reluctantly retired his father's 62 and replaced it with a new 2008 4Runner.  Since that time the son had always wanted to fix up the truck but simply did not have the tools or knowledge to make it happen.

In April of this year the Georgia Cruisers were contacted by the son and donor of the truck.  Apparently he had debated selling the truck outright but could not bare the thought of his dad's truck just banging around surface streets for the rest of it's life.  He then debated donating the truck to a more common charity but opted not to as it would disappear into a black hole never to be seen again. So out of desperation he contacted his local "Toyota Club" seeking someone who could care for the the truck and use it for a good cause.   Jeff: I hope we are serving your wishes and your father's spirit well!!!!!  Thanks,

1989 FJ-62
Smittybilt Front Bumper
Tilt Wheel
New Automatic Transmission
Power windows
Roof Rack
Air Conditioning
More details coming soon

Plans for the Land cruiser

The plan is to keep the truck fairly stock with the exception of a few upgrades.  Included on our list of improvements will be new springs all around, new off road bumpers front & rear, new winch, BFG 33x12.5x15MT tires, refurbished interior, new transmission, new hoses and belts, and of course repairs as needed.  Then off to the ANH Collisions Specialists for body work to include cleaning up 20 years of shopping cart and car door dents.  Then for good measure we're throwing in a recovery kit complete with recovery strap and tree saver compliments of Offroad Outfitters and many other goodies.  Stay tuned as more details will be coming in the near future.

$10 per Ticket

Tickets can be purchased at events held in the southeast or right here via Paypal (coming week of June 15).  Upon your online purchase you will receive a PayPal receipt immediately and your tickets will be sent via USPS from the Georgia Cruisers.


Sponsors are more than welcome to contribute to the efforts.  In exchange for your generosity we pledge to insert your company logo and contact information on all advertising materials.  We have already accepted several sponsorships from metro Atlanta and will have their information up very shortly. 

Sponsors and Donors

We are currently accepting any and all donations in the form of cash and parts.  As the build continues the need for replacement parts will grow, we will need to either be forced to purchase these new components for solicit donations for replacements so please contribute whatever you can. As always, ALL funds and parts will be contributed to the raffle.

If you would like to donate Cash or FJ-62 parts that please ship to:

Georgia Cruisers 4wd Club c/o Domega Corp.

180 Allen Rd., Suite 104-S

Atlanta, GA  30328

Please include any stickers or T-Shirts that bare your company information so we can present them on your behalf. 

These items will be given away or raffled off to support the cause!

Sponsors and donors have made this project possible, please do your best to support these companies as they have generously offered their time, money, materials and expertise for the love of our sport.  We can not express our gratitude enough to all of the folks that have fought to keep our trail open.

If you would like to sponsor the Ga. Cruisers and the LandCruiser Raffle please contact us.

Toyota Land Cruiser Association
Southern Four Wheel Drive Association
The BlueRibbon Coalition


click on Logos for sponsor's website

Atlanta Custom Creations

(404) 508-4800

Norcross, Ga.

(770) 814-8000

Forum & Advertising

A N H Collision Specialists

Neal Head

Dawsonville, Ga.

Body Work


Rock Sliders

(303) 663-6489

Dawsonville, Ga.

(706) 216-2425

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Banners & Posters

(404) 768-5665

Phone: 800-868-8066

Fax: 864-225-5005

BFG- AT Tires (33x12.5x15)

Goodyear Wrangler MT Tires

Front Offroad Bumper

(770) 947-0190

Raffle Tickets


South Carolina


Thanks to everyone who has contributed their time and effort